From Our Alumni

Azamat Kumekbayev

Graduate from EUL and University of Bradford

Kumekbayey pointed out that apart from the advantages of graduating with two degrees from both universities that have international validity, he has achieved many different experiences in social and cultural environments, in North Cyprus and UK, and added that these experiences are very important for his future career. Kumekbayey said that, “While bidding farewell to EUL, my greatest advice to my friends will be ‘‘never give up and always work for the best”. Kumekbayey also expressed his gratitude to the locals of Lefke for their hospitality during his education.

Daniyar Ussabekov 

Graduate from EUL and University of Bradford

Daniyar, gave suggestions to the students studying at EUL, who plans to continue their education at University of Bradford and said that they should not miss this opportunity that will socially benefit them, as well as providing them education which is very rich on various aspects.  When looking back all the memories he has gained he advises students of EUL to grab this chance and make it a life time experience that they will never forget. According to him, resources in terms of knowledge and connections are the best part of his two  degree  journey and states that due to EUL’s innovative and modern education, students who will go to University of Bradford will represent EUL assertively.

Baran Sağkoç: The most unforgettable day of my life is  the day   I graduated from EUL in 1995.

Baran Sağkoç who graduated from the Department of Economics in 1995 said that, “I haven’t been to Cyprus and my university for 23 years. That’s why I always had a feeling of acridity. There are days that you can never forget, the day that I graduated from EUL in 1995, is the day I will never forget” and pointed out that his gaining was not only a profession when he graduated from EUL, but he gained unforgettable friends.

Ahmet Özçelebi: EUL is a university that proves its quality in all aspects

Ahmet Özçelebi who registered to EUL’s Department of Business in 1990 said that he was one of the first Turkish Cypriots who has registered to the university and added that the English Preparation education that he received in the academic year of 1991-1992 was just as good as English programs that are offered in England. Özçelebi said that, with the diploma that he received from EUL, he completed his master’s degree successfully in England in 1995 and added that, “EUL is a university that proves its quality in all aspects. How happy to say we are the graduates of EUL”.

Zerrin Uygur: I graduated from the Department of Pre-School Teaching. I am one of the first graduates of the department. I am a teacher now. I  came from Turkey with my husband for the meeting of the graduates. I had the chance to meet with my friends and instructors.

Natalia Cazacova: I graduated from the Department of Business. I completed my master’s degree at EUL. I have been waiting for such an event for a very long time because I wanted to see everyone again. I follow the development of the university. After 8 years I visited my university. I am very proud of observing visible changes and academic developments on the campus including the increase in the number of students.

Osama Zahid Peshimam: I’m a communication engineer. I am currently working in the oil company in Kuwait. It is a very nice feeling to come back to EUL again after 5 years.  Many things have changed in EUL, our school has improved, the number of students has increased and the number of foreign students has increased as well.

İdil Gönen: I graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering. I am doing my own business right now, human resources on information technology. I have my own company. It was a great event, our old memories came to life. It was a great feeling to go to school, and to sit in those classes again.   I would like to congratulate our Rector and staff for the university is highly developed.

Meryem Altıntaş: I’m currently working as a manager at a dormitory. I was in England for 7 years, then I returned to TRNC. After a long time, I was very happy to see the developments that our university had undergone. These positive developments are reflected in the environment of the university. Many business and accommodation facilities offer different opportunities for students by spiriting up the region. Meeting   EUL Graduates was a very nice organization, I hope it will continue in the following years as well.

M. Fethi Saran; he stated that he started working in Yaşar United Marketing company after graduating in 1995 and that he is currently working as West Sales Director in Ankara. Saran also mentioned that during the five years education he took in EUL, he had made great friendships and got the chance to develop his social relations as well as himself, and the world class education he had gave him the opportunity to work in a well-recognized company as a director.

Eren Tümer; Tümer emphasized that with the education that he received at EUL, he started his professional life without any difficulties and added that in every single project that he made he has created difference with the qualified education he received. Furthermore, Tümer said that EUL’s contributions on the success of his business life are undeniable and wished success for his student colleagues.

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