Nutrition & Dietetics


The aim of the program in Nutrition and Dietetics is to educate scientists who can analyse social problems in the field of nutrition, highlight creative thinking, and who have the ability to produce solutions to the nutrition and health problems of the society, can be independent, scientific, think independently, adhere to ethical values, follow the innovations in the field. It is aimed to offer a higher level education to the Nutrition and Dietetics graduates who have completed their master’s degree and to educate Science Doctors who have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of nutrition and dietetics, who are open to interdisciplinary studies, can plan and conduct projects independently or as a team, interpret and publish the results, who have a say in the formation and development of the country’s nutrition and health policies, who can monitor and interpret the constantly developing, changing information and practices, internalize lifelong learning, act in accordance with professional ethical rules, use computer and other technological tools effectively and take part in training programs to transfer their knowledge to new generations.

The medium of the program is English.

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