Health Management


With the development of globalized world and the advances in technology, the importance attached to well-trained, qualified health care professionals in the field has also increased. As a result of globalization, patients can meet their needs of health care both in local services and in health care institutions abroad. Getting beyond the limits in the suppliance of health care has prepared the ground for the need of competition of health care institutions, at home and abroad. Additionally, states have the duty to     provide their citizens with equal and qualified health services. In this context, there is a need for well-equipped health care managers and academicians who will train above mentioned managers and who will produce proof-based scientific information for applications to take place. 

This program aims to train qualified researchers and academicians who constantly develop themselves with being loyal to scientific methods and ethical values in the field of health management and who can independently design and conduct scientific studies. Program consists of 7 courses, a qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis.

The medium of the Program is English.