Guidance & Psychological Counseling


With the Program for Guidance and Psychological Counseling, it is aimed to train specialist staff equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that can provide these services in various areas where guidance and psychological counseling services are needed and academicians who will contribute to the scientific developments in the area.

Psychological counselors of the future have to be sensitive to the unique cultural background of their clients as well as to the shared universal tendencies and values that shape their clients’ lives. With the PhD program for Guidance and Psychological Counseling, psychological counselors who are working in the field are provided with the opportunity to follow current researches related with the field and to develop themselves. The main aim of the program is to offer theoretical and practical lectures related with the field of psychological counseling and guidance to the students, to reach new information with scientific researches and to provide the abilities of data analysis and interpretation. Another goal of the program is to meet the increasing need for psychological counselors and teaching staff of universities in the recent years. Thus, Guidance and Psychological Counseling programs of the universities are considered important in terms of training academic staff in order to meet the academic staff need. Program consists of 7 courses, a qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis.

The medium of the Program is Turkish.