English Language Teaching

İngilizce Öğretmenliği

The main program is to train English language teachers for school within the Ministry of Education, university preparatory schools, and private language schools. With the ever-increasing importance of English as an international language of business, tourism, and education, well trained English language teachers are high in demand. Our instructional programme is designed to provide practical skills for teaching. Currently the department only offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree for ELT.

In an attempt to provide a distinct foundation for professional careers in teaching, our students are equipped with subject matter knowledge and expertise, a great understanding of student behavior, competency in teaching skills, and an ability to stimulate critical judgment and creativity. Apart from English language teaching methodologies and effective communication skills as a basis for teaching, the students will master a wide range of areas such as general teaching skills, educational psychology, classroom management, guidance and counseling, linguistics, English literature and culture.

In addition to the ELT department’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, the department, in close cooperation with the Faculty offers students a chance to further their students with Masters of Arts degree (both with thesis and without a thesis) in ELT.

Among the highlights of the department are: highly qualified and internationally experienced staff to make your studies successful, enjoyable and memorable. The integration of computer technology into teaching-friendly and supportive learning environments provides a hands-on experience to apply your skills within the classroom.

The graduates are expected to take up work in the following areas: English language teaching at universities or foreign language schools, English language and literature teaching, American literature, curriculum design, language testing, translation and interpretation, tourism and academia.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel ERSEL

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