Special Education Teaching


The Special Education Teaching Department began to provide education in 2013 with academicians, who are experts in their field with the consent of YÖDAK (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Higher Education Supervision and Accreditation Committee) and YÖK (The Republic of Turkey Higher Education Council).

Inefficacy of an individual is a reality that anyone can have in in any period of their lives. Society witnesses both individuals who encounter inefficacies and individuals who have rapid growth. Education for everyone, is a prominent slogan within society and is an objective for all members of any given society. In this regard, the transition from special education as well as separate training was prepared. Since new developments require new training techniques, our department at the University aims to train teachers who are suited for not only existing educational structures, but newly rising ones too.

Our department undertook a mission to meet the aforementioned need of teacher that combined education requires, to train personnel, who can both provide education services in the field and scientific contributions to the field.  With this mission, EUL-ÖÇEM (ACEC- Autistic Children’s Education, Practice and Research Centre) and our department gave a first start among the TRNC’s universities in terms of family training, description and guidance practices for both superior / talented children, children who have special needs and also providing internship opportunities for the students.

Special Education Teaching Department accepts students with YGS’s (the transition to higher education examination) four grade types.  Special education teacher candidates should be patient and they should have high demand for working with special students.  Today, Special education teaching comes in the first place of all branches that are needed in the education field.

The aim of the education in the Special Education Teaching Department is to educate teachers, who can perform a duty in education of the children who need special education and sustain enough teaching skills, starting from the first year with active practices.  The educational content that is implemented in our department comprises of courses as “Professional Teaching Knowledge” and “General Knowledge” besides “Field and Field Training”.  The big importance is given to the consolidation of the skills that were brought students with the practices that will be actualized in the field.

European University of Lefke Education Faculty school experience and teaching practices (internship) courses are performed in respective education institutions (primary education and secondary education, private education institutions, rehabilitation centres and place like these) in Republic of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Special education teachers are trained to be competent enough to do teaching for all kinds of children who have special needs.  Students who graduate from this programme can perform a duty as “Special Education Teacher”.  Our graduates who took undergraduate degree are employed as “Special Education Teacher” in centres like rehabilitation centres and guidance and research centres, private education institutions, secondary schools, private primary schools and state schools, which are affiliated to the Ministry of Education of both Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  They can find opportunities to work at private education rehabilitation centres, which are affiliated to ASPB (Ministry of Family and Social Policies).  Apart from these, our graduates can perform a duty as expert and academician in related fields in various universities by accomplishing graduate degree.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatice BİLMEZ

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