Mentally Handicapped Teaching

Mentally handicapped children constitute about 3 % and again children who show autism symptoms confect approximately 1% of the children in the elementary school period.  These children show important improvements in the case of providing continuous and intensive special education services starting from early ages.  Classroom teachers, who got on for in the education field of mentally handicapped, are in the centre of these services.  Mentally Handicapped Teaching Programme, which takes place under the body of Dr. Fazıl Küçük Education Faculty of our university, aims to train these teachers.


Special Education Teaching Programme takes place in our faculty besides Mentally Handicapped Teaching Programme.  There is an Autistic Children’s Education, Practice and Research Centre (EUL-ACEC) in our university, which provides special education services to the families of the children who have disabilities and superior ability.  This centre is the first and the unique in TRNC.


It is expected from the students, who accomplish the program that they have competencies to actualize scientific-based practices in mentally handicapped children’s education.  In accordance with this expectation, one part of these courses that take place in the Programme comprises of courses as “Professional Teaching Knowledge” and “General Knowledge”.  These courses are the common courses that are taught in all teaching programme.  In addition, the large part of the courses form “Field and Field Training” as must or elective courses.  Applied courses are given a special importance in the programme.  The entire of the courses, which are included in seventh and eighth term, is almost applied courses.  These courses apart from EUL-ACEC are taught in special education schools/centres and special education classrooms that these children receive training in TRNC.

Students are placed according to YGS’s (the transition to higher education examination) four grade types.  Medium of instruction is Turkish.

Students who graduate from this programme can perform a duty at official and private schools and centres, which are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, provide training for mentally handicapped and autistic children.

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Postal Address: European University of Lefke

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