New Media & Communications

Department of New Media and Communications is within the European University of Lefke- Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Depending and on to due to developing technologies, the shape, speed and direction of journalism and news broadcasting concept has also changed today, thus shifting from conventional media to digital media. Today, even high-circulation newspapers are in the process of stopping their prints and deciding to keep their broadcasts on the digital platforms. Those who cannot comprehend and prepare for this ‘radical’ change feel the necessity to add broadcasts to the digital environment by considering the failing circulation of newspapers.

The implications of these inevitable changes and developments reinforce the requirement of higher education institutions which support the field and to provide the correct information, to nurture an environment for the creation of experts. Prospective students who are keen to receive and process information, distribute it effectively and are loyal to professional and ethical standards will find this course suitable for their development.

The Department of New Media and Communications was founded with the understanding of changing media landscapes. Subsequently, the aims of our Department is to educate and cultivate creative journalists that are equipped with all the necessary tools to thrive in the journalistic and media world. Students, once completing their degree will find themselves to be more adaptable regarding different technologies, as well as adding value to new media circles. To this end, our department has an academic program that includes the effects of new media technologies, not only in the field of printed publishing but also in the field of radio and television news, including social media.

Digital Media, also called New Media, is a technological development that has created many new job opportunities. These arising career opportunities are due to the emergence of internet journalism; the shift from printed media to the internet, the numerous blog creations and writings, internet and digital advertising, marketing, design which beckon further research.

The graduates of our department can work in various fields such as; print publishing, radio-television sectors. Due to the increased demand in internet journalism, social media expertise, digital content production and project coordination and management, this field has risen to utmost importance.

Indicators toward the future suggest that due to the changing nature of media and communications, departments will be quick to respond to future employment and career opportunities, in anticipation that changing currents will create further categories of jobs.

The medium of instruction of the program is English.



Prof. Dr. Elif Asude TUNCA

Contact Details

Tel: +90 392 660 2000 – 2741

Fax: +90 392 660 2743

Postal Address: European University of Lefke

Lefke, Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey


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