Gastronomy & Culinary Arts


Successful graduates of the four-year programme receive a bachelor degree in the field of culinary arts following an intensive education in international cuisine and culinary techniques. In addition to Turkish cuisine, students study on how to cook and prepare European, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to two semesters of baking and pastry classes, the programme offers the opportunity for students to specialize in areas such as decorative pastry and theme cooking. Students will also find the opportunity to learn about molecular gastronomy which is one of the new generation branches associated with gastronomy and culinary arts.

Business and management courses which students are required to take also gives them the opportunity to seek employment as managers and administrators in the catering departments of hotels, cruise ships and airline companies. While the medium of instruction is English, students are also required to learn two additional foreign languages, thus widening their international career opportunities.

Along with theoretical information regarding culinary arts and culture, students also have the opportunity of practice and application at 5 star hotels and institutions within the TRNC. They can work at these tourism establishments on weekends as paid chef assistants. All graduates also have the opportunity to work legally at international food or beverage institutions based in the US for one year.

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