Nutrition & Dietetics (MSc)


The aim of the Nutrition and Dietetics Master’s programme is to train personnel who will manage the catering companies’ nutrition and dietetics programs for the special groups like patients, elders, children, adolescents and sportsmen. The dieticians, who graduate from the Nutrition and Dietetics Masters programme, will have the core knowledge in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics and will be capable to identify and analyse individual and social nutritional problems regarding nutrition and provide solutions to them. The dietetics will also   provide individuals nutritional consultancy based on physiological, socio-cultural, economic conditions. The graduates from the programme will be capable to reach up-to-date information and then evaluate and put them into practice in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.They will take the duties and the responsibilities to manage the team in the situations that require teamwork. Furthermore, the dieticians will be very competent on laws and regulations and professional ethics, which are related with the assigned position. They will also have the knowledge of the quality management systems in the areas of nutrition, environment and worker’s health and safety. In addition, dietetics will be qualified to ensure that the systems work well as they are required and will have a vision to understand the importance of lifelong education and will renew and improve themselves continuously.

Requirements for the graduate programme include 7 courses (21 credits), a seminar and a thesis to be completed. The medium of education is Turkish.