Clinical Pharmacy


The aim of the Ph.D. program in Clinical Pharmacy is to improve students’ knowledge gained during their graduate studies; to ensure that this information is implemented in a multidisciplinary, investigative, inquiring and evidence-based manner in pharmaceutical services in line with the principles of rational drug use, in a manner that considers the public interest; to gain the ability to conduct independent scientific research, to evaluate and interpret information and findings from a broad and in-depth perspective and to produce new knowledge.

This program provides students with the experience to introduce advanced concepts, original research areas, research techniques, and current educational practices related to clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care, to enable students to carry out a research project that will contribute to their own development, and bring new practice areas of pharmacy into practice. It is structured to provide students with academic responsibility.

Pharmacists who graduate from this program in pharmacy can work in hospital pharmacy, hospital inpatient services or clinics, Community pharmacies, as an academic staff in national and international universities, educational and research fields, and organizations, such as drug and poison information centers, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical consultancy companies and professional organizations.

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