Computer Education & Instructional Technology


The rapid developments in information and computer technologies and the ever increasing use or impact of computers in our daily lives are being felt to full extend. It is quite important to form, save and use information efficiently in this time and age. It is important to train qualified individuals who can keep up with the demands and changing speed of developments which is why the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology is of such vital importance. The fundamental aim of the department is to train every single one of our students to become teachers and technology aided education experts.

The programme’s curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to become a qualified technology education expert. In addition to theory bases lectures and classes, students undergo training periods in real-life conditions in companies, firms or schools under the supervision of counselors, raising their design, development, and assessment capabilities.

The Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology attaches great importance to activities aimed at developing students’ analyzing, design, production and project assessment capabilities. The programme includes courses on online distance learning programmes, simulation programmes, game design, virtual reality, performance support tools and quality control tests. Taking into account the importance of aesthetics graphic design, the creation of art and music and their presentation using various technologies is also given room in the programme.  Students are taught how to use computer editing programmes and other computer aided editing tools.

Graduates of the department may find employment as computer science teachers at primary and secondary schools, computer aided education experts, software and hardware experts at computer firms, tech support experts in private or public institutions, IT teaching assessment experts, web designers, multi-media experts, graphic designers, project or web administrators or at distance learning centres operating at public and private schools as well as universities. In short graduates can easily find employment anywhere in the world.

The department only offers an undergraduate programme and the medium of instruction is English. Like other departments operating within the faculty, the Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department is made up of highly qualified academic staff.



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