Social Studies Teaching


Basic aim of “Social Studies Education” partaking in the educational programs of 4th and 7th grades of Primary and Middle schools of our country is training “efficient citizens”. Efficient citizens live in the three dimensions of human and society life.

Efficient citizens;

1. They have a good command of their past and history: Societies and individuals of these societies who do not know their history and who cannot take lessons from this history, cannot use the environment in which they are living in today in an efficient manner.

2. They are efficient and productive, as well as conscious of the era in which they are living: Efficient citizens who have a good command of their past and utilize this, have an effect on the development of economic and social life, provision of social peace and comfort and attainment of socio-economic life and welfare.

3. They play a vital role in the creation of society’s future:  Another duty of efficient citizens is to create society’s future, starting from today, to be inspired by the prospects of the future after practicing harmonious and productive activities in the present.

Department of Social Studies Teaching aims to train teachers in the direction of qualities that are necessary for all teachers, as listed below;

1. A successful teacher should have a good command of general culture knowledge: A good command of field knowledge is necessary for a successful teacher, but not enough. The teacher who will educate the futures efficient citizens must have an expansive vision of the world.

2. A successful teacher should have a good command of field knowledge: Social studies lecture is the combination of social science lectures that will be handled separately in upper classes such as History, Geography, Civic Education, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, that will be offered to the students of 4th – 7th grades. A successful Social Studies teacher must have a good command of knowledge, culture and experience accumulation in the above mentioned fields.

3. A successful teacher should also have a good command of professional teaching knowledge: there is no doubt that a successful history teacher requires an impressive command of historical knowledge, but that is not enough. They will also require understanding toward basic pedagogical culture, art and the skills of teaching and learning-teaching methods as well as technical knowledge.

Briefly, as it is stated in the Basic Law of National Education; basic mission and vision of the Department of Social Studies Teaching is to train teachers who are bonded at the heart to the Nationalism of Ataturk; who always love and honor their nation; who have a liberal and scientific power of thinking, and a broad vision of world; who improve their interests and skills; who devote themselves to the happiness and prosperity of the society in which they live.

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